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Prices are the same for both rooms.

All year long minimum 2 night stays.

B&B room rates for 2019 are $150 per night, based on two people, from May 1 through to September 30 and $135 per night at any other time and that does include tax.

Cottage is $135 per night throughout the year and breakfast is self serve with the breakfast supplies provided in the cottage, based on two people and that does include tax. The cottage does have an extra bedroom so three occupants is possible we charge an additional $25 per night.

Cancellation Policy: During peak season (June 1st through September 30th), we require 5 days notice for cancellations. During off-season, we require 3 days notice for cancellation. One night's stay will be charged to guests who do not provide the required days notice of cancellation.

Mailing Information
PPBB, 511 Drake Street
Nanaimo, Canada, V9S 2S8

Alternatively, you may fill out the following form to book a reservation. You will be contacted confirming the details of your stay.

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